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  • I work one-on-one with adult (18 and over) individuals on a weekly basis.

  • I am willing to work with folks in late adolescence if we collectively feel like it would be a good fit.

  • Sessions are 60, 75, or 90 minutes long. I am happy to see you more than once a week as well.

  • I am able to provide video counseling for folks out of the area.

  • My cash fees are $170 for 60 min, $210 for 75 min & $250 for 90 min

  • I am in-network with:

       First Choice

       Pacific Source - commercial, not OHP


       OHP - Open Card & Jackson County Connect

Saporific Ghost Pipe

     If you have insurance that I am not in-network with you can call them to find out how much they reimburse for mental health care with out-of-network providers. If they do reimburse, you might still have to reach your deductible limit before you will start getting any money back; the reimbursement is often higher than they would pay an in-network therapist and may make therapy very affordable for you. If you chose to submit claims for reimbursement from your insurance provider I will supply you with a monthly form, completely filled out. You will only need to send it to the proper person who handles these claims for your insurance provider.


     If you do not have insurance, please consider contacting OHP about getting insurance.  If you have recently moved, had a change in job status or marital status, you can go to to get on a subsidized insurance plan. This may make healthcare and mental health care affordable for you if you make more than OHP allows and do not receive healthcare through your job.


    If you have any insurance questions, my billing specialist would be happy to answer any of your questions or help you work with your insurance company. She will most likely want you to fill out and send her my insurance intake form.


Professional Practice LLC (541) 941-7792 or


     Please go to my Getting Started page for more details on beginning therapy together and the paperwork that will get that moving forward.

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